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Selecting the best bulk wines in barrels produced by Cantina Rauscedo, we created our own selection with a price lower than 11,00 € for our customers.
You do not need to lease to sell a superb wine!

We suggest extra virgin olive oil produced by wine-making companies in Carso and in Istria and only agricultural beers, for which barley and hops are grown by the brewery and for which fresh and light mountain water is employed.


We have a parietal mosaic made by Mosaic artist school in Spilimbergo (Pordenone) which reproduces a mosaic dated back to the 1st century b.C. named IL FIOCCO.

It represents a white and red bow that binds two vine beams together and it is the same bow that appears on the floor of the Domus “dei Cossar” near the Aquileia Museum. It showed the guests to the banquet area, where they could chat and drink some Vinum in goblets.

This is a symbol of Friuli, which is a witness of 2 thousand years of grapevine history.

Our team is our family


I am Marco, I was born in 1992 and I am VINEA HORTIS Ceo and founder.
After my studies, I went to Orvieto, at Cantina Falesco, a property of Cotarella family.
With Riccardo Cotarella, a wine expert, in 2017 I harvested at CAMEL FARM in Hokkaido (Northern Japan).
At the end of February 2018, I worked at CHATEAU YALDARA in Barossa Valley (Australia), where I (have) learnt basic technics.
After that I worked at WILLIAM FE’VRE (Chablis) in the best “ocean floors” to learn Premier and Grand Cru.
Then I moved to Bordeaux and I stayed at CHATEAU CARBONNIEX, a famous Grand Cru Classé, working with the Chief.


My father is Paolo, he is a wine expert, he studied in Conegliano (Treviso) and ended his studies in 1983. He has always worked in this field and he is very dynamic in our category, but he was not happy when I decided to study enology and agriculture, because his wish was for me to become an engineer.

We never really talked about that, but I assume he did not like the idea of competition at home!

He helps me in selecting and buying wines.


My mum is Katia, she helps me in the shop, especially in tapping the fabulous wines we receive from Cantina Rauscedo.

She has a ten-year experience in trade and food service, but one of the aces up her sleeve, that many wine cellars already know, is for sure the creation of self-adhesive labels for bottles. It will be inspiring in the section “Did you know that…”

P.zza Attilio Hortis, 2/A
Tax code and VAT n°. 01345720328
REA: TS-206681
Share capital € 10.000,00
pec: vineahortis@pec.it

P.zza Attilio Hortis, 2/A
t. +39 040 97 77 243
whatsapp +39 379 2419941

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