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Let us guide your senses

Enoteca Hortis has always wanted to be an interactive space: a place where customers not only find and buy the wines they love most, but also have a guide at their disposal who, with industry knowledge and expertise, can support them in choosing a wine best suited to their needs.

Paolo and Marco, both industry technicians, share in presenting bottled wines. Both possessing practical winery experience, they have decided to share the knowledge and experience they have gained in Italy and abroad with their clients. Then, with a smile that wins you over, there is Katia. Having gained experience in the Conegliano Valdobbiadene area, she guides you in buying bulk wines and in making your bottles a unique gift, branded Enoteca Hortis.

Three years after the opening of Enoteca Hortis, we feel the need to be more present on the Enoteca Hortis Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channels. Sharing short and effective in-depth content about the world of wine, trying to give value to wines that deserve it, avoiding a habitué “wine and chips” pairing.

There is also no shortage of in-person experiences available and also the possibility of creating a gift basket by directly consulting the catalog from the Enoteca Hortis WhatsApp profile at +39 379 2419941 or from our website, https://www.enotecahortis.com/prodotti/. The choice of wines is interactive: you will be able to indicate, from the site or WhatsApp, the type of wine, the quality or price desired – and our technicians will propose suitable wines from the selections available.

Our whole family values in-person experiences and starting on November 3, 2023, we decided to host tasting experiences regarding the world of wine and beyond. Guided tours in the world of aromas and our territory: a fun journey through the wines of Friuli-Venezia Giulia and the Istrian peninsula where we discover more about the local wine regions and the wines’ characteristics together.

When do these experiences take place? Click through our product catalog on WhatsApp and on the website.


P.zza Attilio Hortis, 2/A
Tax code and VAT n°. 01345720328
REA: TS-206681
Share capital € 10.000,00
pec: vineahortis@pec.it

P.zza Attilio Hortis, 2/A
t. +39 040 97 77 243
whatsapp +39 379 2419941

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